Disease comes, inevitably. 

Something is wrong with the WebGL build during the cutscene and the game scene. After an hour of attempted fixes I gave up. In the desktop version this is no issue.

Made for the Extra Credits 2020 game jam.

Extra challenges:

-Extra Distance

-Extra Retro



Spores of Corruption.zip 27 MB


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best game ive played ye


I love the style! And for some reason controls are very satisfying!


Thanks! Yeah I started with the controls and I'm really proud of them, especially the drone propellers changing pitch based on your vectors


The game was fun! I don't know how, but there was an issue with my character, this is probably just a one time thing but when I tried opening the game, the game just crashed. It worked after I tried again though...

Glad it ended up working. I had a real tough run of luck with obscure bugs this time around, like crashing and weird resolutions

No problem! Can you play my game too? I could use the feedback.