Use your trusty welding torch and jetpack to overcome a tide of deadly metal barrels!

Made with the use of this lovely tile set:

And Abstraction's wonderful tunes:

All other art by me :)

GMTK 2021 submission


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It’s an interesting game, the idea are great, but I think I can only view a part of it, I don’t know why :’(

Thanks for playing! Darn, I'm still getting used to Godot's screen settings. Did you try zooming in and out of your browser

Ho yeaaahhh, it’s way better :D




Now that’s a really interesting idea! The only sad thing is that there isn’t much of the actual game to play :)

I think this kind of mechanic could also work for mobile. For example if you replace the player with a “special” boulder that should be delivered from point A to point B and all you have to do is weld other boulders around so that the “special” boulder could move.

Yeah, I ran wayyy out of time learning to do platformer logic with godot, bit of an oversight to not have practiced.

Really interesting idea for a mobile version like that, I think it would probably play much better than as a platformer