My second game, Dodging Circles (release held back in case of failure in Game A Month)


-Use the mouse to move your little white dot

-Left click will make your cursor invincible and slow time, but will drain the meter at the top of the screen

-Touching bombs (orange and yellow circles) while invincible will trigger them and blast all of the circles in its radius away (you will not be damaged)

-Touching clocks (The clock shaped things) while invincible will make them begin a countdown, when said countdown is finished you get five seconds added to your score


-Choose from four difficulty settings

-Your score is the length of time you survived

-Fast paced and challenging gameplay

Sorry this came out late. I was in a pretty bad bicycle accident and was unable to use computers for a long while


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Highscore 10:56: its a fun game that's easy to pick up

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very difficult but quite fun